Health Institutions

Hygie develops, manufactures and markets up to 65 specialty products that effectively limit the spread of bacteria, reducing the risk infections in hospitals, long term care and clinics.

The Hy21 Hygie Technology helps to effectively manage and contain bodily wastes at point of care, it also ensures that health care providers adopt the best method to reduce the number of steps required in handling material, thereby reducing the spread of pathogens which may lead to contamination and HAIs. 

This technology makes collection and transportation safer and reduces the risks of splashing and spilling. 

Home Care

Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, Hygie offers a complet range of products for home health care to cover all the needs.

In this range of products you will find hygienic liners for commode chair and bedpan, urinals and emesis kits as well as dry or premoistened wash gloves. 

Some products are necessary for healing or to facilitate the lives of those involved. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we give you the necessary explanations to the use of these products.

Trips and Outdoors

For car rides with the kids, hiking, trekking, camping in national parks, or long backpacking journeys into the unknown—no matter what your adventure, the right product can add comfort to these memorable moments.

Our new line includes the Pre-moistened Wash Glove, which requires no water for quick and thorough cleansing—even in the middle of the woods. The GO PEE Urinal Kit includes a support and urinal bags with absorbent pads, so men and women can pee no matter where they are without any mess. GO VOM, a disposable bag with absorbent pad, is ideal for managing motion sickness in cars, planes or boats.

These new products are simple to use and can help you avoid unpleasant situations, making your life easier!

Civil Security

The Hygie products are also essential during natural disasters, such as floods, electricity failure, major industrial accidents and infectious diseases. 

In a lack of water, hygienic liners can be used to replace the toilet, premoistened gloves can replace the shower and emesis bag can serve to limit the spread of bacteria during an outbreak of infectious diseases.

Innovative products for the security of the entire community.